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New Stuff

‘New Stuff’ is the second single from ‘Practical‘. The album, which is available from Bandcamp, features a number of songs that could be described as work, protest or socially conscious songs. ‘New Stuff’ is my attempt at a critique of consumer culture done in the style of an ironic ode. Whilst working on the album I was really inspired by the works of Tim Jackson, Juliet Schor and Alain de Botton amongst others.

The video to accompany the song is made from a few short clips taken from two wonderful Ron Fricke films – Baraka and Samsara. Baraka and Samara are available in DVD, Blu-Ray and on-demand from

Update: Sunken Foal has done a great remix of New Stuff. It’s available as a bonus track on the Bandcamp version of ‘Practical’. Details are here.

New album – Practical

The new Mail Order Messiahs album, Practical, is now available to order as a Limited Edition CD from Bandcamp, and also available to download/stream via BandcampiTunes, Google Play, Spotify and all the usual places. *The Bandcamp version features bonus remixes by Eomac (Practical Man and Genetic) and Sunken Foal (New Stuff).

‘Practical’ was recorded in Dublin by Ken McHugh, Jimmy Eadie and Mail Order Messiahs. It was mixed and mastered by Ken Mc Hugh and features the talents of 2 great drummers – Matthew Jacobson and Steve Hogan.

The track listing for the album is: