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New Stuff

‘New Stuff’ is the second single from ‘Practical‘. The album, which is available from Bandcamp, features a number of songs that could be described as work, protest or socially conscious songs. ‘New Stuff’ is my attempt at a critique of consumer culture done in the style of an ironic ode. Whilst working on the album I was really inspired by the works of Tim Jackson, Juliet Schor and Alain de Botton amongst others.

The video to accompany the song is made from a few short clips taken from two wonderful Ron Fricke films – Baraka and Samsara. Baraka and Samara are available in DVD, Blu-Ray and on-demand from http://barakasamsara.com/.

Update: Sunken Foal has done a great remix of New Stuff. It’s available as a bonus track on the Bandcamp version of ‘Practical’. Details are here.